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Full text of "Client Protocal Toolkit Strategy "The Client Toolkit for Internet Tools""

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Client Protocal Toolkit Strategy 
"The Client Toolkit for Internet Tools" 
Brewster, Margaret, Harry- 
July 1, 1994 

Company Confidential 

Description : 

This toolkit allows a application builder to "Internet enable" their 
application without having to know the details of protocol and their 
changes. An Internet client is one that can contact servers to browse, 
search, and retrieve multimedia objects. Several popular systems based 
on different protocols have emerged. 

This standard API can serve as an access point and a layer of 
abstraction from the Internet protocols. 

Since this toolkit is freely distributed (licensed for free, but 
professionally supported) it can become the defacto platform for 
Internet aware applications in both the freeware and commercial 
communities . 

The advantage of having a commonly code set is to ensure 

interoperability and future enhancements. We need help in implementation 
and adoption of toolkit-- we invite others to participate. 

Functional description: 

An API that "Internet enables" application programs so that they can to 
contact Internet servers such as WAIS servers and WWW servers . 

1.0 features include: 

Portable C code 

Supports Z39.50-v2 servers 

Future features might include: 

Add support for HTTP, (maybe FTP?) 
Ported to Unix, Mac and Windows 
Showcase client 

Security with HTTP (Mosaic Inc?, EIT? , EINet?) Security with Z39.50-v2 
(EINet?, DOE contract?) 

Development Plan: 

Project leader: Margaret St Pierre 

July 5, 1994 Release 1.0 beta shipment 
Release 1.0 Ship 

Release 2.0 features specification 
Release 2.0 Development team specified 

Release 2 . beta shipment 
Release 2.0 Ship 

Possible partners for development 

Free ware community 


- Mosaic Inc 

- EIT 

- EINet 

- CMU 

- Brian Bennet 

- Notis 

- DOE contract 

Rollout plan: 

Marketing and Sales leader: Brewster Kahle with Bruce Gilliat 

July 7 1994 Licensing conditions settled 


Seed program 

License Conditions (suggestions) : 

License it for free in source for unlimited distribution. No sigs 
required Copyrights required to stay on the tops of the files Support is 
provided by "acreditted" groups for fee: WAIS, Pandora?, cygnus? To 
become "acreditted", you have to help support the base software. 

Target Users : 

Marketing and Sales leader: Brewster Kahle 

Corporate systems : 

Apple (Applesearch, Eworld) 




Web viewers : 

Mosaic Inc 




Online Services: 

America Online (pandora) 





New Microsoft system? 
CDROM companies : 

Library vendors : 
Not is 

freeware community: